Tips on How to Organize your Bedroom 

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If you can still see every furniture, carpet, rug, and accessories in your bedroom, it’s all good. If you can no longer see two or three of them, then it’s time to get organizing.  

 Organize Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the space in your house where your day starts and ends. It is the place where you can do just about anything: eat, sleep, exercise, unwind, watch a movie, etc. Which is why you should keep your bedroom orderly and tidy as much as possible. It won’t do it by itself. We have gathered several tips to help you organize your bedroom. 

  1. Tidy your closet 

Closets are one of the easiest parts of the bedroom to get messy. It’s easy to try something on then throw it back when you don’t like your first choice and are running out of time. Free up space in your closet by getting rid of the clothes that you no longer like or no longer fir you. Fold clothes especially sweaters and don’t stack them up too high. You can also organize them by colors. Hang others by category: types, season, length, occasion, etc. Shoes and bags should have their own compartments.  

  1. Use under-bed space 

Refrain from putting clothes and other items on your bed unless you’ll wear them when you sleep. Free your bed of anything other than their own bedclothes or a book you’ll want to read. There’s a lot of space underneath your bed. You can use that instead to store other things you have a hard time putting away.  If your bed doesn’t come with built-in storage, worry not. You can still use drawers, baskets, or bags to store your bed sheets, linens, or other things underneath. The underbed space can be roomy. Don’t waste it. 

  1. Use headboard storage 

Make the most of the headboard space by having shelves installed. You can put your books, ornaments, lamps, figurines, and other things on the shelves. There are easy DIYs you can search on the net or in books. You can also hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, headboard storage can be very helpful. 

  1. Organize your jewelry 

Hang your necklace, put your rings in dishes or containers, and put your bracelets around round display storage, and your earrings on wire mesh. There are a lot of creative and simple DIY jewelry storage projects you can do by yourself. There are also a lot of available organizers you can buy online. 

  1. Use the space on the wall 

If you still need additional storage space, you can maximize the space on your wall. The books you are having a hard time storing can be put in shelves on the wall. Smaller things can be put in cubbies. They won’t only be functional, but they will give your walls a new look. There are DIYs for wall cubbies as well. For wall shelves, you might want to contact a professional. They can guarantee the precision and durability of the shelves especially if you are storing heavy books in them.  

Making the most of what you have can make a big difference in organizing your bedroom. Adding additional organizers will make your room even more orderly. But if there are heavier items like furniture that you wish to get rid of because you no longer find it functional, contact a bulk trash pickup Fort Lauderdale or a junk removal professional to do it for you. 

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